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Time to Face Reality

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I turned 38 two weeks ago. I feel great, and while 38 is “just a number,” the truth is, it’s really all about perspective. As I get older, I’ve come to realize that there is a lot in life that is about perspective, literally and figuratively. For the past several years, for example, more times than I can count, I have had women, friends, and family approach me to tell me that I have “beautiful skin,” that my skin, “is so clear,” or that I, “don’t have to worry about acne.” While that all sounds wonderful, the last part about acne could not be further from the truth, and whenever someone told me that my skin was exceptional, I usually left the conversation feeling, 1. confused , or 2. like a fraud, or 3. both. Truth be told though: I wasn't a fraud. It was really just all about perspective.

My skin was never horrible. I have the occasional blemish, or problem area; however, my ability to cover anything up with makeup was way above average bringing in, again, the concept of perspective. In addition, using very good products, most of which are barely makeup themselves (tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, etc.), has also been a blessing.

The true litmus test for my “great” skin came though when I was in a relationship with someone. When this person would finally see me with my natural skin, I knew that they too would know the truth: my skin wasn't as good as it seemed. I dreaded the first time they would see my actually skin and for years I would go to bed and then similar to the first episode of The Marvelous Miss Maisel, I would sneak into the bathroom to cover up my uneven areas, pigmentation, or red spots/scarring. Then in the morning, I would do the same thing. You could find me rushing into the restroom before anyone else to make sure I was still “put together.” This was exhausting.

I was offered the opportunity to go to Feel The Heal for my birthday this year and receive a Hydrafacial, something I had really wanted for a long time because of the pain free, non-aggressive extractions. This is done using a suction and is way more gentle on the skin. I was really excited because I do not like anyone picking at my skin. I live an hour away too, so it is a treat for me to make the trip.

Just thrilled to have a treatment (any treatment!), I came ready for my hydrafacial and excited for results. When I arrived at Feel The Heal though, I was given way more than I ever expected.

Owner and Lead Esthetician, Daryn of Feel The Heal, has been perfecting her craft for over 20-years. As a Certified Hydrafacial Specialist, it’s completely obvious that Daryn has performed thousands of facials and perfected the specialty. While experiencing one of the best, red carpet ready (you literally leave looking better than when you walked in without any blotches, and smoother skin), cleanest facial experiences, do not be surprised if Daryn throws in something extra like a serum or masque. While this may just be the “birthday treatment,” one area where Daryn stats focused is not only on the experience (you’re also given a warm fuzzy blanket, heated bed, and chill music), but also on the final outcome of the process.

As a ‘Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist,’ Daryn was able to assess my skin throughout the process. After completing my facial, we had a Telehealth phone consult and discussed the status of skin and what she thought. It was recommended that I try a system fit for my specific needs. My problem has been cystic acne in two areas (my jaw line, and to the right and left of my chin) and I have truly had it with the whole experience of having this “issue.” They hurt, they leave scars, and they last for a long time. They also are impossible (seeming) to get rid of since they are invisible, at first, but oh so extreme.

After speaking with Daryn, I decided to try the system she put together for me using products by, Face Reality. Tailored to my specific skin type, I was able to share some of what I was looking for too (‘something with SPF in it..” “do they have a product for my skin type that has retinol?). I like that it could be personalized. Something else positive, most of the products I purchase with these ingredients cost nearly double. That fact alone made me very happy. “If only they also work,” I thought, “then the lower price will really be great!”

Two weeks later, Daryn and Face Reality are responsible for the beautiful changes I too now see in my clear skin, which is also acne free. My favorite product, the Vitamin A Serum, has completely changed my face! Paired with the gentle body/face scrub, the moisturizer for acne prone skin, and other nightly products I now use, my skin has never looked better WITHOUT makeup on. Don’t get me started on WITH makeup. And while it truly is all about perspective, I feel safe to say at most angles, my skin is looking really good, and I owe it to Feel the Heal and Daryn, and the products so love. I can now face reality head on. No fraudulent skin here.

Unfortunately I didn't take a before photo of my skin but below is a Feel The Heal Client- magic

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