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Electro-Cute Me Please

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Did I ever tell you about the time I went in for a facial and left with a black eye? No? Okay, well I just did. You want me to elaborate though: okay, I went in for a facial at a local spa. The esthetician used a suction type of tool for extractions on my skin. She went too close to my eye and broke a section of blood vessels, about half an inch thick, under my left eye. By the time I got home, I looked like I was a victim of domestic violence. I hated having to explain to people that it was just from a facial, and that I was “still single.” Double whammy, crushing blow.

Ever since, I haven’t really been too keen on letting others mess with my skin. This was roughly ten years ago. So don’t tell me I don’t know about trauma.

I was given the chance to experience the HydraFacial for my birthday, pushing me to enjoy this amazing treatment again without trepidation. I was also very excited to go to Feel the Heal to see what else they offer. I heard about tooth gems, products, colonics, and more.

I’m the type of consumer who really likes to consume, so I truly couldn’t wait. If you want to call me your “dream client,” I’ll take it! I am always eager to try out new products, see what is the latest and greatest, and if I like something - watch out, because I will not hesitate to scream it from the roof tops.  The amount of air fryer’s I’ve sold, don’t get me started. And no, I don’t work for air fryer inc., I just like mine a lot.

I can be considered an early adapter, such that I am not alarmed nor opposed to change if something works! This is where microcurrent comes into play. When used as a beauty treatment for the face (as opposed to being used for muscle injury, the original use by physical therapists/doctors), microcurrent for the face is performed by using electricity over clean skin, to promote new cell growth.

While it may sound like I had my face electrocuted, and while I guess in a way I did, the outcome is vastly different than an electrocution (lol). And though it may also sound scary or painful, there is nothing scary or painful about it. Truly, microcurrent is a noninvasive, injection-free, and painless procedure that gives instant results, paired with major shock value. Another bonus, no recovery time!

I’m not going to lie, there have been many’a time where I went to get Botox, arrived with normal hair, and had to leave with bangs because my forehead looked like a connect the dots puzzle. Not this time.

I was absolutely shocked with how well this treatment worked, the results, that my face actually tightened right before my eyes, that I walked out of the office looking tighter and feeling more confident than usual, that I didn’t have to wait for anything to “set in” or wonder if it would ever set in, and with the knowledge that I could use this trick now for the rest of my life. Wedding? Microcurrent. Event? Microcurrent. 20-Year reunion coming in less than a week?

Electrocute me all you want, Feel The Heal!


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