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Acne Treatment Programs

With Face Reality Products

Your Solution To Clear Skin

Feel The Heal uses Face Reality clinical strength products to help kick acne in the... well face. We are married to this line because IT WORKS!  Voted best acne skin care line by the ASCP and has a 90% rate of clearing up acne with our products and protocol. Clear skin is possible without harsh chemicals and medication. Let us prove it to you. All it takes is consistency and perseverance. Book your first facial with consultation below to get started.  

face reality acne expert
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 Acne Program with Treatment & Consultation- $85

This appt is for a first time client

face reality acne skincare products

This treatment uses clinical strength Face Reality products for clients that are committed to getting rid of their acne. Booking this appt means committing to a MANDATORY purchase of Face Reality home care products that are advised on this 1st consult appt. Be prepared to spend $150-$175 for products that will have a 90% success rate if you follow our protocol. Products will typically last you 3 months. This visit has a custom face treatment, sensitivity test & analysis, pics & consult and products. We will send you home with take home pdf routine on day and night protocols & how to use your products. As you continue this skin journey the Esthetician may increase or decrease the Strength of your products. As well as suggest other treatments to help the process. Each client is given a different routine. What works for one person may not work for another. These protocols are given on an individual basis depending on what the skin situation is.


Please do not book this facial if you are not committing to the mandatory purchase of Face Reality products.  We are committing our time in creating a specific protocol just for you and your specific goals and want you to have the very BEST results possible. We believe in these products so without them we cannot help see you through this journey. We want results just as much as you do!!! =)

*This journey will take time and will not be an overnight success. Treating acne can take time and consistency. Most of the time it takes 3-4 months sometimes sooner depending on the severity of the acne and how proactive you are. With face reality products, following protocol and lifestyle changes, you will have a 90% chance of clearing up your acne if you use the products day and night as advised. Get excited, motivated and most importantly stay committed.​ 

face reality acne skincare products

      Virtual Consultation-    First Timer- $50

This is a 15 min virtual consultation by facetime, zoom, text or email correspondence for the clients that cannot come in to the office or do not live in the state but still want to consult with the Esthetician/acne expert . This will give the Esthetician an idea of your skin type and your goals. The initial non refundable $50 deposit will cover the cost of the consult. If you decide to move forward we will send you a protocol and information that is individualized just for you. We will email you a pdf with specific instructions for your day and night routines for the following weeks ahead as well as which products we feel will be best for you to achieve the best results. Once you commit and purchase your products we will ship them out to you. You will also receive a second 15min follow up appointment call two weeks after you start your products so we can make sure you are on track and do any revisions necessary (Esthetician may increase or decrease your products strength) depending on your skins response and outcome. 

*If you are a no show/late to a zoom or facetime consult or do not cancel within the 24hour time frame, the deposit is non refundable. 

face reality acne skincare products

Follow up: Treatment + Consult- $75 

(For Existing Skin Reality Clients ONLY)

This is your two week in office follow up treatment & Consult. This appointment is to go over your two week progress and to evaluate your skin and how the products have been working for you. The esthetician may increase or decrease the strength of your products or add an additional product depending on the response of your skin & how your skin is feeling. We will take follow up photos & give you an enzyme mask or peel with extractions, LED, & High frequency.

*This follow appointment is for Skin Reality existing clients and only if you have already been into the office and had your first consultation and Face reality treatment at Feel The Heal

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