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“Take A Hike Parasite” The Anti Parasite Elimination Tincture

Updated: Jan 7

Parasites can thrive in the intestines for years without lead to any symptoms. Yet, when they do occur, these are the most common ones:

-Weight loss

-Bloating and gas



-Abdominal pain

-Stomach pain and tenderness

-Nausea or vomiting

-Passing a worm in your stool

-The occurrence of internal parasites leads to numerous serious health issues.

To treat parasites in a natural and safe way, you can use herbs, such as the following


Black walnut ( we offer black walnut Enemas @feeltheheal)

Diatomaceous Earth




Oregano oil

As well getting a series of #colonics along with diet and some natural cures we can help rid our body of toxins and parasites

Going on a holistic wellness journey often involves addressing the intricacies of our internal health. Miami is one place where caring for your health reigns supreme. One product making waves in the area of gut health is Feel the Heal's, Take A Hike Parasite.

Take A Hike Parasite, is an herbal and natural parasite and colon cleanse, available in liquid drops, offering a comprehensive approach to detoxification and gut health. It's easy to take, with a simple ritual to follow, 2x daily on an empty stomach, of one full dropper into an 8oz glass of water, finishing the 30-day supply. According to Feel The Heal owner,

Therapist and creator of the product, Daryn Herzfeld, "For optimal results, consistency is key – adhere to the routine daily for an entire month."

I saw results in just a few days; however, some will see them gradually over months. I have also repeated the process twice for the 30-day period. It is recommended to complete at least 4-cycles but this can vary for other issues you may find in children or other populations.

In essence, Take A Hike Parasite transcends a mere cleansing product – it's a holistic protocol addressing the nuances of gut health, parasite elimination, and overall well-being. As you move forward on this journey, consistency and the symbiotic relationship between herbal remedies and your body's innate ability to heal.

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