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Whats the big Peel? Why Chemical Peels ARE a big deal! Chemical Peels Miami

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We offer the VI Chemical Peels here in Miami Florida. Chemical Peels help tone, brighten and tighten the skin turning over dead skin cells. We offer six unique formulated VI Peel treatments. All these medium depth peels are virtually painless and are for all skin types with results in just 7 days. These chemical peels transform your skin and are designed to treat hyperpigmentation, acne , acne scarring, rosacea, oily skin, skin texture, skin renewal, Malasma & overall healthy skin. Vi Peel Chemical Peels also offers body peels now. Peel your back, your chest, knees , elbows, scars and stretch marks.


🌱 Cruetly & Paraben Free

⏰ peels takes 30 min

🕰 5-7 days for healing

🎯 5 diff peels that target diff skin issues

🚫 Do not sweat during peel healing

☀️ stay out of sun during peel process

🐍 Don’t pick when you peel

👍🏼 moisturize and use spf everyday

✋🏼 touch face with clean hands only



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