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Aerolase in Miami: How I Got Rid of My Acne with Aerolase Laser

Updated: Jan 7

Why the Aerolase Laser? It's simple:

  • Areas treated

  • Effectiveness

  • No downtime

  • Cost effective

  • Safe

First, what it is and why to use it.

Then, make sure to scroll to the bottom to read My Story and personal experience with the Aerolase Laser, "How I got rid of my Acne."

What is it?

The Aerolase Neo Elite

It is an aesthetic medical Erbium laser that is uniquely gentle, safe, effective, and tolerable for all skin types and tones. It offers complete skin rejuvenation and treatment for many conditions.

To put it simply, this laser moves so quickly it eliminates discomfort during treatment and provides safe, highly efficacious results for all skin types and has zero downtime.

The Aerolase Laser is Used To Treat:

• Acne

• Skin Rejuvenation & tightening

• Melasma & Hyperpigmentation

• Rosacea & Redness

• Spider veins

• Ingrown hairs (PFB)

• Sun & Age spots

• Skin and Scar Tone & Texture

• Hair Removal

Why Use it?

Most lasers are painful and cause discomfort, redness, trauma, side effects and require downtime. These include CO2 and the Long-pulse Erbium, which Aerolase Laser is neither.

Aerolase's delivery is sent by pulse, using a method that makes it more safe and virtually pain-free with no necessary topical anaesthetic or nerve block is needed, there is no bleeding, with minimal downtime and recovery (may be red after appointment, for example, which is what I was).

And in Final...

My Story

I have rosacea, mild acne and sensitive skin. Combined, the three are enough to create a real problem when it comes to skincare, make-up, and especially breakouts. I finally had it with my skin after a bad breakout that was painful and left an acne scar. I hit up #FeelTheHeal for some products, but then decided I needed something more. My skin had gone haywire. So after a consult with head esthetician, Daryn, I was offered a few options and decided to go with the Aerolase Laser. #FeelTheHeal uses a combination of two Areolase lasers: the Elite and Neo Elite, so started there with a package of 6 sessions.

During the course of the treatment, I used tinted SPF moisturizer instead of make up, I did not touch my skin, I also did several detoxes, I lathered on the sunscreen, and I used the #facereality line, more specifically the #mandelicscrub and #retinol, which is offered at #FeelTheHeal.

This all did wonders for my skin and it went from always oily to maintained. I have not been breaking out and the redness has majorly gone down.

Aerolase Laser

Reversing Aging

Using two lasers is all part of Reverse by Aerolase Laser, which is a new way to correct and prevent signs of skin aging and the protocol utilized by #FeelTheHeal. This new treatment combines two elite devices, the Neo Elite and Era Elite, in a single treatment session. The result is flawless skin for years to come. While the Neo Elite and Era Elite deliver incredible results alone, together they deliver significantly better patient satisfaction and improvement of the signs of skin aging.

The dual Aerolase Laser treatment is the way to go and will leave a lasting impression. With or without makeup you will be more confident and proud of the face you put forward.


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