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I-bis You: Colonics In Miami, A Love Story…Between a King & A Bird

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Living in Miami, almost everyone here knows what an Ibis is because of its affiliation with the University of Miami. The Ibis is the bird that is also the UM mascot, first to return after a Hurricane. Living here, you see it a lot: on posters, billboards, hats, T-shirts, and I probably wouldn’t know what an Ibis is if I did not live here.

During a colonic at Feel The Heal, I had found myself wondering, “How did these things start?” “What are the origins?” And so wanted to know more. I knew celebrities like Oprah, Madonna, Kelly Rippa, Goldie Hawns and others had popularized the procedure, I did research on how it was performed + health benefits, I knew I could ask Daryn at Feel The Heal anything … there I was watching, ‘Married at First Sight,’ on the table…and then she told me.

Back in the Egyptian days a royal person was watching the birds. Birds in the Egyptian days had long beaks. The birds would fill their beaks up with water and turn their heads and put water up their...butts? and then would poop. He was so fascinated by this and soon after realized how an 'enema' can help you evacuate. It became a royal treatment. So enemas stem from this very moment!!!! HOW COOL?!|

I came home from my colonic feeling so good and the Egyptian story of birds was on my mind and I wanted to know more so once I started looking at one thing, I read another, which lead to another and before U knew it - I read a few wild stories I truly had not expected…and that’s where you get: the Ibis.

The Ibis, and ancient Egypt, has a lot to do with the start of the practice of cleansing the colon. If you have ever seen this bird with it’s very long beak.

So, what do colonics in Miami, the Ibis, and Egypt have in common?  Here’s what I discovered…

Many assume colonics are a newer treatment but they seem to go back to ancient times, with early evidence found in Babylonian and Assyrian tablets from 600 BCE as well as in an Egyptian papyrus from the 14th century B.C.E.


After a King/Royal witnessed an Ibis drawing water through its long billed beak to self-administer an enema, he had a physician recreate the process. Writings were found depicting three-day long cleansing, detoxifications practiced in Egypt, and voila

Not what I expected to be doing at 3AM either but hey…it was what I wanted to find!

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