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take a hike parasite

Take a hike Parasite

Herbal and natural parasite and colon cleanse in Liquid Drops - Take A Hike Parasite


Take 2x daily on an empty stomach. dilute 1ML (1 droppers full) in 8oz of water, twice daily until the bottle is gone. 30 day supply. For best results take consistently daily for an entire month. Drink 3/4 gallon of pure water / day while taking detox tincture to help eliminate toxins that are moved by this detox tincture.

1 bottle = 30 days.


Parasite, Gut and Gallbladder Flush


The duration of parasite removal varies individually. Results can appear in days or take months. Our recommended approach is a 30-day cycle using the Take A Hike Parasite Tincture and Bye O Film disruptor tincture together, followed by a 2-week break. Repeat this cycle 4-5 times, especially for stubborn parasites that might take up to 3 months to fully eliminate, considering eggs and subsequent generations.


Completing at least 4 cycles is essential, while children with pinworms may need two cycles. To manage die-off symptoms, use the be kind and bind supplement, which shields the gut and eliminates toxins produced by dying parasites. These symptoms may include headaches, fatigue, rashes, and more. As part of the total gut and parasite protocol, Liver and bile duct health is crucial during die-off; consider a 4-5 day Gallstone Flush using our gallstone be gone tincture during the 2 week break in between cycles. Detailed flush instructions will be provided upon purchase.


Click Here For Full Protocol Instructions

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