Taken from Yelp :I was referred to Feel The Heal by a girlfriend of mines. She said I would love it and feel totally comfortable. She was so right. The moment I walked in, I was greeted by this very adorable and professional Therapist, Suzy. She was the therapist booked for my treatment. The office was very clean, which is super important!! Suzy was very sweet and comforting.   I loved everything about my experience: I highly recommend it. And ask for Suzy.

Sloane-Jacqueline T. 4/6/2015

Taken from Yelp : I really like the therapist Amanda. She was very knowledgeable and ease me into believing this process would help me. The place is quiet, clean, zen and has all the right equipment. Their website is up to date and matches what you see. The outside  building could have a better sign or more spa like look but that is minor. They offer to play a movie or music of your choice, very gentle while doing the Colonic and the oil massages on your belly are heaven. This is my second one and I plan to do two consecutive more weekly and then hopefully quarterly. I highly recommend it!!

Barbara H 4/7/2015

Taken from Yelp :I felt very comfortable for my first time colonic! I went with a friend and we both had the Detox Foot Bath and Colonic(Colonics are the new “girls spa day”). Amanda helped us assisted us and was extremely professional and informative. The foot bath was relaxing and I felt lighter and full of energy. I was a bit nervous for the colonic, but Amanda guided me through the first time experience, and I am glad I did it! Feel the Heal is clean, comfy, and professional. I have already booked my next appointment!!

Tatiana M 5/3/2014

I had a colonic today with Amanda. She was very welcoming and explained the process in full detail. For being my first time, I was very comfortable and relaxed. I recommend it to anyone interested in a colonic.

Rosa Q 6/5/2014

Taken from Yelp : Feel the Heal is a great place and I have been to many spas in the area. Owner Suzy is kind and nice and so are her other employees. It is clean and better than just somewhere to get colonics, or detox treatments. I love this place and I definitely believe that it’s the best place in Miami. I recommend it for everyone looking for somewhere for colonic, facial’s etc. This is my #1 pick and I suggest you check it out before listening to the advice of people on here who are basing their reviews off an employee who messed it up for the entire spa. That was not the owner. I have been going here for 5+ years. Great spot, awesome services, play movies during treatment, friendly, funny, really welcoming and personable, great prices and deals.

Alejandra D 2/3/2014

Taken from Yelp :Ok- what can I say?!? I have extreme colon issues to the point that my Doctors believe I should have a Colostomy Bag… Which I am 36 years old a active, beautiful woman and REFUSE to have a bag attached to me to my to hold my shit! I have been getting colonics for 20 years and I have solely been with one woman for most of my life before I moved to Florida- with that said the level of care and cleanliness of places here is a DISGRACE! I have gotten bacteria from a place down here that nearly killed me , I’ve been in places where there is roaches, I have had to sit with a tube up my butt listening to a Jesus freak- then I found this place! Ok the location is in my opinion kinda dicey BUT your in a building so your safe! This place is SUPER clean, I have used both ladies for colonics- they are young, smart, down to earth and listen to what’s going on and offer information to help! I have found that they are smart and just easy going. They do things by text messaging which is AMAZING! I hate talking to people lol! You just lay down pick a movie or tv show and watch it- or you can chat it’s totally you call sometimes I feel bad because I want to just chat away and I know we are there to do “a job” lol- but I love this place! I highly recommend it and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Also they offer packages which I LOVE! It’s affordable for people and I think that’s a fantastic business move!! If you have any type of popping problems by all means come here you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Nina C 5/30/2015

Taken from Yelp : I definitely ‘felt’ the heal after 45-minutes of shittin’ bricks through a tube, but this colonic was pretty legit. I tend to eat healthy, but occasionally, I lose consistency and just go on a binge. This is where a detox comes into play, so I decided to try colon hydrotherapy.For most of the treatment, you’re under the supervision of a colonic therapist, which can get a little awkward, but shit (no pun intended), they do really good job of making sure the procedure goes well. I was offered a movie of my choice, which I neglected at first, and then decided to watch some vintage Eddie Murphy — that helped a lot.Thanks to a Yelp discount (10% off), this the best bang-for-your-buck colonic that I know of. They also do juice cleanses, massages, and other forms of natural therapy.

J.D 4/3/2014

Taken from Yelp :Just visited this place again last week and I could not be happier. Suzy has excellent recommendations and is extremely knowledgeable abs professional. To me that means a lot. Best spa services and colonics in Miami hands down !

Gess G 7/24/2014

Taken from Yelp :I like this place, staff is always very charming and appointments run in time.  I have been going to the place for the past 3 years at least 1 per year.  I will recommend anybody to try it.

Patricia C 7/31/2014