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Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint Training


Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint Training

Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint Training allows you to offer your clients lifted lashes that will last them for over a month to 12 weeks.

This is an amazing alternative for your clients that cannot wear eyelash extensions, Have shorter lashes , prefer a low maintenance eye lash routine, or generate new clients that would have never come in for eyelash extensions, but would definitely benefit with this service. It looks natural and gives the appearance of longer lashes especially when we add the Belmacil tint to it giving it that darker look as if you were already wearing mascara.

Taking our course will leave you feeling motivated and loving what you do!

So, Are you ready to become a Lash Artist?

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– Current Cosmetology or Esthetic state license


Our One Day Course will be going over everything you will ever need to achieve the best lash lifts and feel confident doing it but most of all we want you to feel inspired, motivated and to have fun while doing it.

Please Note you must be a licensed professional in either Esthetics or Cosmetology. Or be currently enrolled in school with a state board test date in place. Please email your license to this must be emailed 48 hours prior to class.

Class begins at 10am and ends anywhere from 3pm-3:15pm

10am -11am We will go over manual Q&A’s, watch a demonstration lash lift video and discuss marketing, social media, taking and editing photos with apps on your smart phone.

11am-12pm-You will watch a demonstration of your trainer doing a live lash lift model

12pm-1pm– LUNCH

1:00-2pm-You will perform your first lash lift on your model

2pm-3pm- An Optional second model that you can bring in to gain extra practice and confidence as you will have your trainer there to assist you in any questions you may have.

Then we will take pictures and give high fives- YOU DID IT!!!

Once finished with training It will be up to you, the artist, to submit 3 photos of your work for a review and evaluation to receive your Official Certification. There is a 3 month time limit to complete your course and case studies, as everyone works at different paces and we want you to stay inspired and motivated to complete your certification. One of these case studies can be from one of the models you performed on in class ( if it was a great lift and approved by your trainer)

Once all 3 case studies have been sent and approved by your trainer, all your information will be sent to HQ for processing for your certificate will be collected. Certificates may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to arrive. Receiving a certification also gives you visibility on Elleebana database and website so potential clients can find you as a lash lift artist in your area. When you receive your certificate in the mail, it is your responsibility to follow the instructions on how to be added to the Elleebana database of certified lash lift artists that are included in the package. HOW EXCITING!!!

Your Kit includes…

  • 15 Setting and 15 lifting lotions (minimum of 15 clients)

  • Silicon Rods Combination pack ( S, M, L, and XL )

  • Elleebana Lash Lifting Adhesive

  • Lash Lifter Stainless Steel Tool

  • Belma Tint and Eye makeup remover

  • Belmacil Brush

     If you would like to add on the Belmacil tint kit to your class, we will collect the difference of $350 and send you home with your tint kit.

Your One Day Elleebana lash lift training class will be located at FEEL THE HEAL. Our classroom size is kept to a maximum of 3 students, this is to ensure all students receive dedicated attention. If you would like a one on one class that can be arranged.

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 To see more before and after photos of the Keratin Eyelash Lift and Tint visit our Instagram @feeltheheal 
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Who says curves aren’t sexy?

Established in Australia for over two decades, Elleebana is the hottest trend in the eyelash industry allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted lashes that will last for weeks, in the blink of an eye.The hottest trend in the eyelash industry allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted lashes that will last for weeks, in the blink of an eye.

So Why Choose Elleebana?

Our easy to use, no-waste, single-use sachets kits, contain everything you need to give your clients perfect lash lift every time.

The single-use sachets are both hygienic and convenient and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. You’ll get 30 to 60 lift applications from a single kit, allowing you to offer your clients a premium service, with absolutely no wastage. So your customers will be happy with the results and so will your accountant!
Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift is the perfect complement to the exciting colours of the Belmacil lash tint range. In fact, for most clients, you will get the best results by tinting immediately after lifting/perming.

  • Faster application techniques saving you time – 20-minute treatment!
  • Allows for perfect positioning of lashes
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Advanced formulation containing nourishing and conditioning
  • Lifts lashes from the root
  • Reduces over-curling of the lashes
  • Creates the illusion of longer looking lashes
  • Opens the eyes – enhancing the natural lashes
  • Straighten or curl lashes
  • Suitable for short or long lashes
  • A great alternative to lash extensions
  • Single-use sachets – hygienic – no wastage – fast processing
  • Minimum of 30 applications or perm lotion and neutralizer in each kit

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To see more before and after photos of the Elleebana Keratin Eyelash Lift and Tint visit our Instagram @feeltheheal 

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